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130618 Cool Kiz on the Block with Shinhwa [Dailymotion]

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Part 1 

Part 2 

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heels ;____; preety legs

heels ;____; preety legs

130523 TLJ - Hyukjae conversing with us and failing
Lee Hyuk Jae & fans


130523 TLJ - Hyukjae, Mili, Mimi, and Me conversing 

Trans (Korean / English):

Me: Oppa, I can give you free tutoring lessons for English.
Hyuk: I English very well
Mimi: Okay, let’s speak English
Hyuk: Yeah. Talk with me.
Mili: How was your day?
Hyuk: What?
Mili: Your day.
Hyuk: Yeah, I’m fine.
Mili: Your day.
Hyuk: Huh?
Mili: Your day.
Hyuk: My day? Today?
Us: Yeah
Hyuk: Why?
Mili: Cause you said you can speak English.
Hyuk: Yes.
Mili: So how was your day?
Hyuk: What is that?
Me: How was your day?
Hyuk: Ah.. ah..
Hyuk’s Cousin: This basic phrase..
Me: I think you need more English lessons.
Hyuk: No, I don’t need to. (Talking about my friends) speak Korean well.

Audio Rec by @Haelic [Oppa’s 좋은학생] (uploaded with permission~)
Do not reupload ~ Shared just for fun ㅎㅎ
Trans by @Youngwoonjungsu

Hyukjae we still love you even if you can’t “English very well”. ㅋㅋㅋ
He was so gummy and smilyyyyy today ^^♥
Thank you for a great time♥ㅁ♥

Simba in action

Simba in action


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